Workshops With and Through 3D Worlds

The 3D Worlds method combines playful elements with the difficult questions of your organisation.

Let boring workshops and walls full of colourful stickies be a thing of the past and start the journey into the 3D worlds of your organisation!

Advantages of using 3D Worlds in Workshops

You and your employees have the following advantages when using 3D worlds in your workshops.

More Communication

The exchange between the participants is strongly encouraged, and at the same time everyone can contribute equally to the discussion and the result.

Higher Efficiency

Endless, fruitless discussions during workshops are a thing of the past. This is where ideas grow in visible form.

Comprehensive Understanding

Obtaining an all-round view of the ideas and problems of the participants. Since everyone gets involved, no topic or field of action remains unplayed.

More Clarity

The islands of the 3D worlds playfully visualize the input of the participants. This overview ensures transparency, clarity and understanding of the problem.


All participants can orientate themselves in the created world. This helps to place the results in the overall picture of the organization.

Engagement and Identification

Since all participants get involved, there is a high level of identification with the result and the commitment to get involved in the implementation.

The 3D Worlds Method at Work

Steps in Creating a 3D World

Collecting Topics

To get started with the method, the opening question to be answered is clarified in this phase. Afterwards, all participants have the opportunity to contribute their own ideas to the discussion. This step is completed by reducing the ideas to a manageable level in the further course.

Islands Arise

The ideas are "brought into the world" and little by little, islands on different subject areas are created. The resulting islands are named by the participants, and islands that are thematically close together can be connected by bridges.

A Profile Grows

In this phase, the participants bring their own prioritization of the issues to the island world. This creates an island profile, which can change again and again in the further discussion and processing. This is where the priorities in answering the opening question are set.

The Islands are Populated

In the last step, the islands are populated. Through this visualization of stakeholder interests and other aspects of the problem, the interactions between the priorities and their implications become clear.

The 3D World Method in the Video

Design Workshops in a Playful Way

Put an end to boring, lengthy workshops and take your discussions to a new level!

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