Team Kanban Practitioner

Team Kanban Practitioner

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Information About This Class

Content of the Class

The Kanban Method is a knowledge work management method for teams and organisations that want to improve their products and services in a people-centred way.The Kanban Method teaches organisations how to understand, visualise and measure work systems to continuously improve and consistently deliver effective results.

The Team Kanban Practitioner course is the best first step to organising the work of teams and leaders like you. By understanding the core concepts of the Kanban method and training individuals to be "good Kanban citizens", you will improve visibility, communication and collaboration in your team.

Learning Goals of the Class

Learn the six general practices of the Kanban Method

  • Visualise - Show the work and its flow.
  • Limit the work in progress - Stop starting, start finishing!
  • Control the flow - Identify and control what impedes the flow of work.
  • Make guidelines explicit - Have agreed guidelines that are visible to all stakeholders.
  • Set up feedback loops - At the right frequency to provide guidance.
  • Improve collaboratively, evolve experimentally - using the scientific method.

Learn the three principles of change management

  • Start where you are!
  • Agree on evolutionary change.
  • Actions of leadership at all levels.

What you will take away

  • Understand the fundamentals, motivation and benefits of the Kanban method for your team.
  • Learn the benefits of WIP limits to improve the flow of work.
  • Learn how to run Kanban meetings to focus on the work and allow the team to organise around it.
  • Learn how to take Kanban to the next level and apply the initial practices in your day-to-day work.
  • Become faster and more responsive, with better risk management and governance.
  • Understand "pull" systems and how they help reduce overload.Learn how to track system lead time to build and use lead time distributions.

Who Should Attend This Class?

If you are a member of a team or a leader who wants to understand the key concepts of Kanban, the Team Kanban Practitioner course is a good place to start! More experienced practitioners can also jump straight into the Kanban System Design course. If you feel that you are still very new, inexperienced or unsure about Kanban and its concepts, you should first attend the Team Kanban Practitioner course.

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