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A Beginners Guide to Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a goal-setting framework that helps organisations set clear, measurable goals. This article shows the definition of OKRs as well as good examples that could help you improve your own organisation!

Ein kurzer Leitfaden über Objectives und Key Results

A Beginners Guide to Kanban Tools

Kanban boards are used by teams to map their workflow and current tasks. Unfortunately, many teams lack the knowledge and ability to assess the performance of their workflow. How fast are things being processed? Are we focused? These and similar questions can be answered with analysis tools for the different Kanban metrics.

Ein kurzer Leitfaden über Kanban Tools

How to Combine Scrum and the V-Model of Software Development

Not every Scrum team is allowed to define its own software development process. The reasons for this are often regulatory requirements of the respective industry, customer requirements or existing processes. V-model oriented development processes present Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters with the challenge of integrating these processes into the Scrum framework. This article shows how Scrum and the V-model of software development can be combined.

Wie man Scrum und das V-Modell kombiniert

The Inputs and Outputs of Scrum Events

Many Scrum teams handle Scrum events out of habit or even mechanically. Often these events are insufficiently prepared or poorly executed. This article describes the inputs and outputs of the five Scrum Events. Find out what is needed for each event, what it should deliver and what value it has for your team.

Die Inputs und Outputs von Scrum Events

Why Scrum is not a Process

Not all job offerings for Scrum Masters describe the activities of a Scrum Master correctly. A common mistake concerns the description of the Scrum Master as the person responsible for implementing and executing the "Scrum process". This article explains why Scrum is not a process and how an organisation's development process can be embedded in Scrum.

Warum Scrum kein Prozess ist

Why Five and Five are not Always Equal

Why are some problems assigned the same Story Point value even though they seem to have completely different properties? This article explains why it is not useful to compare tasks with the same Story Point value and how Story Points group problems into orders of magnitude.

Warum Fünf und Fünf nicht immer gleich sind