Welcome to AgileSkills

Every organisation has an individual context. Therefore, it needs its individual mix of agile methods, tools and AgileSkills.

Consulting and Coaching

You have already started an agile transformation of your organisation and are looking for help and advice in your daily work?

You want to start your way into the agile world and don't know which methods are suitable for your context and how best to start?

With consulting and coaching on agile methods, we support you in answering your questions and solving your problems with the right introduction and application of agile methods and agile skills!

Trainings at the AgileAcademy

Successful agile transformations require methodological understanding of the agile methods used from all participants.

At the Agile Academy, we teach you these Agile Skills in our official courses.

Workshops With and Through 3D Worlds

When everything is important, nothing is important! Organisations often work on too many issues at the same time and lose the overview. 3D worlds help to regain a holistic view of a topic.

Like in a construction game, islands of topics are created in space, priorities grow and change, and different stakeholder interests are made visible at the same time. This makes this method suitable for accompanying workshops of all kinds or for working with agile teams.

The Agile Blog for Agile Skills

In our blog, we highlight selected topics that arise again and again in the daily work with agile teams.

There are also questions that are asked again and again in agile teams. Expand your knowledge about agile methods with our Agile Blog for Agile Skills!