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You want everyone in the company to pull in the same direction?

With Objectives and Key Results we derive measurable goals and results from the vision and mission of your company!

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  • Introduction of the method and clarification of terminology

    I support you in the introduction of Objectives and Key Results in your company. The focus is on understanding the method and how to effectively formulate objectives and key results. Furthermore, we create the understanding that OKRs are not suitable to be linked to individual objectives.

  • Development of OKRs in goal workshops

    Together we develop objectives and key results for your organisation in workshops. This can be at the strategic, tactical or operational level. The goal is a clear definition of the objectives for the next cycle and their clear measurability.

    More about my goal workshops 
  • Check-ins and tracking of defined OKRs

    Once OKRs have been developed, I support you throughout the entire OKR cycle in operational implementation. Be it through regular check-ins of the agreed targets or by aggregating the results achieved.

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Dr.-Ing. Stefan Döbrich

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