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Classes and Trainings at AgileSkills

Your teams should deliver quickly and predictably?

My Kanban trainings provide the knowledge to apply Kanban at all levels of your entire organisation.

Stop starting, start finishing!

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  • In-House Trainings

    As an organisation, you would like to have entire teams trained in Kanban? Then my in-house courses are right for you! Individual, customised and tailored to your needs!

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  • Public Classes

    You want to train as an individual, or as an organisation you want to send individual employees to an open course with other users? Then my open courses are exactly what you need!

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In-House Kanban Trainings

Kanban Specifically for Your Use Case

With an agile in-house training you receive my concentrated knowledge as a direct power infusion for your company.

I will be happy to tailor the contents and exercises of the course directly to your teams!

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  • Direct Effectiveness

    We deal with your specific application case in the courses. This way, your employees can apply what they have learned directly and start using Kanban right away!

  • Individually Customisable

    I like to adapt the content and exercises to the context of a team. This is only possible in in-house trainings, and offers a huge opportunity!

  • Greater Effectiveness

    Through the further training of entire teams, more learned content is put into practice. Knowledge across the organisation significantly promotes your success!

  • Cheaper

    On average, in-house training is cheaper than sending employees to open courses. This allows you to achieve a greater impact at a lower cost!

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Public Kanban Trainings

Raise your Kanban to a new Level!

Agility and its methods are a fundamental part of the modern working world. People, teams and organisations need to act and deliver faster and more efficiently in order to provide services that are fit for purpose for their customers tomorrow.

In my public Kanban classes, I impart this knowledge about flow and how to improve it to anyone who is interested!

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Do you want to develop yourself further? Or do you as a company want to send an employee to an open training course where the focus is on exchanging ideas with other users?

My open Kanban courses are just right for you!

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