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Do you want your teams to be able to name plannable, realistic deadlines?

As a Kanban coach, I support you in introducing Kanban in order to optimise your flow and finally have predictable processes! Your customers will love it!

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  • Accredited Kanban Training by Kanban University

    As an Accredited Kanban Trainer from Kanban University, I can provide you with advice and support when introducing Kanban, training the method and scaling it through your organisation. In the background, the Kanban University network is available for professional exchange and discussion of solutions.

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    Kanban Workshops

    In STATIK workshops for the introduction of Kanban, we design specific Kanban systems for your teams, workflows and value streams. Every Kanban system is different! Do not copy systems! I help you to introduce Kanban, to evolve it, as well as to scale it through your whole organisation!

  • Certified Kanban Coaching

    As a certified Kanban coach, I accompany you on the entire path of change. From Kanban trainings, to the introduction of Kanban in individual teams, to the scaling of Kanban along the value streams through the organisation. The success of your company and the satisfaction of the customers are the measure of success.

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Do you want to develop yourself further? Or do you, as a company, want to send an employee to an open training in which the focus is on the exchange with other users?

My open Kanban classes are just right for you!

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Dr.-Ing. Stefan Döbrich

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