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Kanban Systems Improvements

Kanban Systems Improvements

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  • What is this training about?

    In this course you will learn:

    • to manage and optimise Kanban systems using metrics and evolutionary change
    • the scaling of Kanban to multiple, connected value streams
    • to identify delays, fluctuations and bottlenecks using metrics
    • to use Kanban to continuously improve and optimise your systems
  • What are the learning objectives of this class?

    In this course we will cover the following content:

    • Understand the fundamentals, motivation and benefits of evolutionary change.
    • Scale your system in multiple directions - upstream, downstream, connected to other systems.
    • Learn how to use Kanban to manage and scale in your organisation.
    • Understand sources of delays and variability and what you can do to manage them.
    • Recognise bottlenecks in a workflow and take action to improve the flow.
    • Learn how to use metrics to manage your continuous, evolutionary improvement.
  • Is this class suitable for me?

    You should attend the "Kanban Systems Improvement" course if you:

    • have already attended the "Kanban System Design" course and want to learn more about Kanban
    • are wondering how you can scale, manage or optimise your services
    • want to understand how evolutionary change works
    • want to continuously improve your Kanban systems
  • Which certificate do I receive?

    This course has been accredited by Kanban University (KU). Each student will receive certification in "Kanban Systems Improvement" upon successful completion. If you have already received the "Kanban System Design" certification, this course complements the "Kanban Management Professional" training.

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