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The core values of our work are anchored in the agile manifesto of 2001. This manifesto describes the principles and guidelines of agile development. When advising and coaching our clients, we bring these values into the organisation and use them as a foundation for digital and agile transformation.

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Kanban at AgileSkills

Kanban is a method of evolutionary change management in organisations. At AgileSkills, we accompany our clients all the way.

Starting with Kanban trainings at Kanban University, introducing Kanban in single teams, scaling your Kanban system along the value streams and through the whole organisation - we are at your side as a competent partner. Our goal is to make your business "Fit for Purpose".

Essential Elements of our Kanban Coaching

Kanban Trainings at AgileSkills

Team Kanban Practitioner

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Kanban Systems Improvements

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Kanban System Design

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Scrum at AgileSkills

Since its introduction, Scrum has become one of the most widely used frameworks in agile software and product development.

We help you to successfully introduce Scrum in your organisation with our consulting and coaching, or to incrementally improve existing implementations of Scrum.

Scrum is easy to understand, but difficult to master. Therefore, trust our experience and expertise with Scrum and increase the effectiveness of your value streams with our help!

Consulting and Coaching for Scrum

We can support your Scrum teams on their journey with the following consulting services and coaching.

Support as Scrum Master

We support your Scrum teams in their day-to-day operations as Scrum Masters. To your advantage, we bring in our entire expertise and experience from customer projects in different domains and product categories.

Assessment of Scrum Teams

We accompany your Scrum teams over a certain period of time to evaluate the quality of the current implementation of Scrum. As a result, you receive a detailed analysis as well as suggestions for the improvement of your Scrum.

Coaching of all Roles

We accompany your Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers in their daily business and coach them on the job. Your employees benefit from our many years of experience in many development teams and domains.

Objectives and Key Results at AgileSkills

Objectives and Key Results - OKRs for short - are a method that directs the focus in a company to the really important goals and results. Invented in the 1970s, OKRs have since made many small companies, such as Intel and Google, big.

OKRs allow us to derive goals and associated measurable outcomes from your company's vision and mission. This way, your employees know at all times what the organisation's goals are and how their daily work contributes to them.

Our Consulting on OKRs in Your Ccompany

Introduction of the Method and Clarification of Terminology

We support you in introducing Objectives and Key Results in your organisation. The focus is on understanding the method and how to effectively formulate objectives and key results. Furthermore, we create together the understanding that OKRs are not suitable to be linked to individual monetary targets, be linked to individual monetary targets.

Development of Objectives and Key Results in Workshops

Together we work out Objectives and Key Results for your organisation in workshops with the 3D worlds. This can be done at the strategic, tactical or operational level. The goal is a clear definition of the goals for the next cycle and their clear measurability.

Check-ins and Tracking of Agreed OKRs

After the development of OKRs, we accompany you during the entire OKR cycle in the operational implementation. Be it through regular check-ins of the agreed goals, or through aggregation of the achieved results.