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Each company has its own history and characteristics. Therefore, each company requires its own mix of agile methods, AgileSkills and tools. Only then, it can master an agile transformation successfully.

Agile Frameworks and Methods at AgileSkills

We support you in choosing the right methods. This will make your company’s agile transition a complete success!


Since its inception in 1995, Scrum has become the most widely used framework in the agile world in general and software development in particular.


A method from lean management that focuses on the flow of work through the organization. The central goal is to eliminate the non-value-adding work.


Objectives and key results allow company visions to be transformed into measurable goals and results, and thus align the entire organization.

Agile Transformation With AgileSkills

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Every agile transformation is a long change process and demands a lot from you and the entire team. In order to make the change understandable, to involve all employees and not to overwhelm the organization, we proceed in 4 steps.

In this way, your company can step into a successful and agile future!

Training and Courses

at the agile Academy

An agile transition requires everyone involved to have the same understanding of the values, roles, principles and tasks in an agile organization.

At the AgileAcademy you and your employees can be trained in the appropriate AgileSkills. No matter what role.

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